Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-commerce last generation: practical, young and fast! Within the portal you can find products and services of various types at competitive prices. All services have been tested by our staff to ensure the quality of products online

Because the products of have advantageous prices? want to differentiate themselves from other e-commerce sorting quality at competitive prices. Boasting direct relationships with manufacturers and retailers are able to offer you the best offer at the lowest possible price, being able to apply particularly attractive discounts and promotions are limited in time.

Because within are trademarks of different types? is a marketplace that brings together products of various kinds within a single portal. Companies adhering to our circuit come from different sectors and produce different goods or services giving us the opportunity to diversify our offer. The brands on the site relate to the direct producers; buying on can take direct relationships with manufacturers or retailers, depending on the agreement between the company and part of the circuit.

Registration is free?
Subscribing to is absolutely free and with no obligation to purchase.

Registration can be withdrawn?
The registration can be canceled at any time writing an email to and without notice, but we hope that this does not happen, we hate to lose a lot of our users.

What if I forgot my password?
Forget the password is no problem: just enter in the [link = http: // /it/page/recovery_password.html]seguente link [/ link] e-mail address you entered at the time of 'enrollment. You will receive an email with a new password to access your account. Once you change the password within your private area.

How to protect my data
We attach great importance to the security of your data and the need to treat them according to the strictest legal requirements for the protection of the same and the Telemedia. More detailed information can be found [link = http: // / en / page / reserved | privacy_policy.html] here [/ link]. If you have questions or want more information contact us directly by writing to

How can I buy on works like any other e-commerce. To purchase, simply register by entering the required data within the form, paying special attention to the inclusion of a mail reference that will serve initially to confirm the user creation and subsequently for all communications. Finally, you will be prompted to enter a password of your choice, variable at any time directly from the user profile and recoverable in the event of loss.

How can I check the status of my order?
You can track the status of your order by logging in to their own private area. Within the staff you will see a list of all your orders in pdf format and invoice.

Can I add items to my order later?
For operational and technical reasons, you can not add new products to orders already placed, then you may want to open a new procedure order.

How can I change or cancel my order?
To change or cancel any part of your order, please send a request to email: with your details and your order number. Attention! In the case of goods already shipped you can not cancel the order. In that case, we may want to wait for the delivery and, if necessary, to refer back to it later

What payment methods can I use for my purchases on
Payments on are easy and safe and have two solutions: Bank Transfer: in the order confirmation you will find all the necessary information to make the payment, the goods will be shipped as soon as we'll show your accreditation. Follow however we notify you via email confirmation. Paypal (including circuit cards supported by paypal): Paypal allows you to pay by your credit card, debit card or via Paypal account (rechargeable via bank transfer or credit card / prepaid). Paypal does not involve any additional cost to the customer and also for users not yet registered today open a new account.

What are the delivery times?
The expected delivery times on national territory are variable within the specific product page, you will find information about. We specify that the goods will be handled upon receipt of payment.

How can I check the status of my shipment?
The status of your shipment is verified directly on the website DHL,, inputting the code waybill issued following the confirmation of shipment by mail and with one click you will know where your goods.

E 'can also order out of Italy?
The portal born as e-commerce aimed at users residing in Italy, at the time so you can not ask for shipments outside the country

How much is shipping?
The cost of shipping is not a fixed value but varies depending on the weight of the goods and km away. Please check this information and any additional services directly at checkout.

The delivery of my order is late, who do I contact?
Check Code waybill issued after the shipment confirmation e-mail to find out if the package is in storage or in transit. Do not worry, you'll receive the package with a slight delay due to the courier or you will be contacted to clarify any problems. If you experience excessive delays or other inconveniences arise, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at the following email

I received pack correctly but something is missing from the order made, what should I do?
Simply there may have been an error in the preparation of the package. Report writing an email to the lack bringing the invoice number and the problem encountered. In this way we can immediately investigate what happened and fix it. If the product does not prove to be more available, we will carry out credit note and automatic refund the amount of.

The courier is past when i was not at home, how can i customer contact them?
Do not worry, the courier DHL after the first pass issues a notification on which you will find all the information to contact them and successfully receive your package.

My pack is visibly damaged, what do I do?
in case of damaged package, we recommend you refuse delivery and immediately tell us the problem by writing an email to

All products of are equipped with warranty?
All our products are covered by warranty, therefore, if the product proves to be defective after the period for making the return or breaks down, you need to keep your warranty and contact the manufacturer directly.

How long do i have to make a return?
The time period within which you can make use of the right of withdrawal is 10 days after receipt of your package (full proof the date shown on the delivery).

How can I make render my order?
To make render your order you just follow these simple rules: Before starting practices for making the return please contact us at writing the order for which you wish to make the return, the items inside it and why they're returning. You will receive, in the shortest possible time, an e-mail containing all our information, a form to be filled in its entirety, and the correct address to which to make the package Remember! Expenses related to return will be charged to you. Please note that: The parcel must be made in perfect conditions, with the packaging and the original label and in the same box protectress in which you received. Returned products can not be changed, but only refunded. Refund will be made within 30 days of receipt of the goods and only when the package is in perfect condition. The reimbursement will cover only the product made, they will not be reimbursed for transport. If the return was born from one of our error, subject to verification of our Customer Service, we'll perform the collection of the goods and refund the amount paid, inclusive (only in this case) of the transport costs incurred. For defective products you will need to exercise the right of warranty. You'll have to get in touch so directly with the supplier using the warranty and the sales invoice.


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